Differences between Power Screensaver Builder Persional and Professional Edition

The main differences between Personal Edition and Professional Edition as following:

Key features Personal Pro
  Image slide-show screen saver,more than 160 transitions available.
  Flash animation screen saver.
  Movie video screen saver.
  Display media file in sequence or random order
  Add sound to screen saver.
  Share screen saver to friends or family member.
  Distribute screen saver for any use , including commercial use.  
  Create single compressed self-installing Screen Saver setup file. Automatic setup/uninstall and configuration directly into Windows Control Panel  
  Unlimited Royalty-Free Distribution - No hassles. No hidden costs. You can distribute an unlimited number of copies of the screen savers  
  Create screensaver (.scr) output.
  Create installer (setup.exe)
  Customize language skin for installer  
  Customize wizard page visibility  
  Customize author information  
  Customize screen saver version information.  
  Add internet link banner into screen saver configuration dialog.  
  Customize screen saver icon.  
  Include User License Agreement option.  
  Include Readme option  
  Include Start Menu Program Group feature  
  Include a Desktop Shortcut feature  
Selling Features  
  Unlockable/Try & Buy - Create unlockable 'Try & Buy' screen savers that has a expired period , it can be converted into the full version when you provide the user with an unlock code.  
  Regnow.com shareware affiliate network supports.  
  Show all or partial media in shareware screen saver.  
 Include a build-in key generator for shareware screen saver.  



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